In Asteroid Swoop you must defend your space colony from 20 waves of cosmic threats.  Upgrade your colony and defenses to survive to the end.

  • How to Play
    • Auto Controls: Tap an enemy to lock on and your turret will shoot at it automatically.
    • Manual Controls: Tap anywhere on screen to aim and fire your turret.
  • Building Descriptions

Between waves you may build and upgrade your colony by tapping on your buildings.

The Research Lab enables you to upgrade your turret.  Higher level labs enable higher level upgrades.  You may only build one Research Lab.

The Mining Facility pays out coins at the end of every wave: 100 coins at level 1, 300 at level 2, and 500 at level 3.

The Defense Tower will automatically lock on to and fire at nearby targets.  Higher level towers have an increased firing rate and more ammo stores.

The Shield Unit applies a temporary shield over your colony to absorb impacts.  Shield units can negate one impact per upgrade level.

  • Hard Mode

In Hard Mode you have fewer buildings in your colony, and your score is multiplied by 1.25x at the end.

The current version is Release_v1.0 - If you encounter any bugs please let me know.

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